MASH Denpasar


Pop-up store at MASH Denpasar

Pop-up store at MASH Denpasar is a short-term retail environments enable customers to experience products firsthand. We collaborate with E-commerce merchants and brands nation-wide that sell merchandise of any kind. From art to fashion to tech gadgets and food, pop-up store at MASH Denpasar is exciting because we create short-term creative store that are engaging with products come in all shapes and sizes.

Art, technology, culinary, fashion, music, film, various creative product!
Exclusive showcase at pop-up store.

We are open for collaboration, so drop us inquiries at


Toko Tiga Mata Sapi

@tokotigamatasapi Jakarta daily days available for 8 weeks at pop-up store MASH Denpasar starting 23 March until end of May 2019.

Visit us today, shop and get inspired!

toko tiga mata sapitoko tiga mata sapi