Micro Art Shop House

MASH is Micro Art Shop House, a creative business concept.
A cozy small space to stimulates economic value from various creative activities and products, to meet them with the right consumers.

We believe that great art stirs meaningful conversations and we live this out by providing the best environment and content possible for our city and those that visit. MASH Denpasar encourages cross-disciplinary exploration and collaboration with its surrounding environment to create a global creative network, overcomes the limit of time and space.

At MASH Denpasar

Curiousity has no age limit, various short courses available
for diverse ages presented by expert mentors in their field.

Watch healthy and good quality dose of specially selected films
at the first cinematheque in the heart of Denpasar.

Art, technology, culinary, fashion, music, film, various creative product!
Exclusive showcase at pop-up store.

Give artists the opportunity to live and work at MASH Denpasar

for a period of time in exchange of a mutual creative experience.